As many of you know, I have this adorable little camper that I am in love with. Today I’d like to share one of the small victories I recently had with her!

Come this June, I will have owned T@agatha (that’s her name, it’s a play off of the model name, which is T@g) for two years. In these two years, we’ve taken her out 17 times to campgrounds between Orlando, FL to Washington DC.

When possible, we book campsites that are “pull thru,” which means that there is a drivable path that goes from end of the site to the other.  Therefore you can pull straight into it and unhook your trailer. But more often than not, we have to get “back in” sites, which as I am sure you’ve guessed by now, means we have to back the trailer into the spot.

Trailers are not the easiest to back up. And for reasons that involve science and math and engineering and needing a doctorate to truly understand, the smaller the trailer is, the harder it is to back up.  Small trailers jack knife quickly, which basically means they get turned sideways easily and then you have to readjust, or worse, start the process over.

That’s the downside of the tiny camper, but the perk is that she is light weight.  So anytime we struggle with getting her into our site, we just unhook from the truck and push her into place.  While that is not ideal, it is easy enough to do.

The final straw!

Our last camping trip in 2016 was to Panama City Beach, FL.  The site was awkward to get to, the campground was full (it was the middle of July), and we had already had a terrible week of mishaps on our vacation. When I got out of the truck to just unhook and push, a guy at the campground offered to park the camper for us.  I let him; I did not want to deal with it anymore.  As I watched this man I just met climb into my truck and park my camper, I started feeling ashamed and embarrassed and angry.  I told myself that I had to learn how to back up my own camper.

That whole July trip was full of frustrations and things going wrong.  I think we both needed a break from camping.  We did not venture out again until last month.  We decided last minute to go, and because of that we arrived at the campground after dark.  Determined to not need help or to push T@agatha in by hand, I decided to try to back in.  And there in the dark, without a campground of onlookers watching me, I backed in my camper for the first time without any help or guidance! I was so thrilled and proud. We went back the next weekend and I did it again! I do not doubt that I will struggle again to back her up.  But now I know I can do it! And I think that knowledge will give me the confidence I need to get it done again.

So it is a small victory, yes, but I hope I never again need a stranger to get behind the wheel of my truck to park T@gatha. Celebrate all victories..big or small!

‘Til next time,


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