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Today I’d like to tell y’all a little about Mazi Robinson.  She’s a wife, Mother, therapist, motivational speaker, and my dear friend! As I have mentioned in several blog posts, 2017 brought me some heartache.  Mazi was there literally from day one.  She provided a shoulder to cry on, had insightful feedback, and gave me an exceptional reference for a therapist.  She was a real friend at a time when I needed one the most.

One of the purposes of this blog is to lift up other women, to give a big ole high five to their accomplishments, and to help bring awareness to their businesses. Mazi did much to help lift me up in 2017.  I am honored to call her friend and excited to dedicate my first #WCW to her!

As I said above, Mazi is an Atlanta therapist.  She’s a graduate from Vanderbilt University and has a Master’s degree from Georgia State University. I believe it takes a strong person to go through therapy. To look at all the nitty gritty stuff and use it to grow into a more authentic version of yourself truly takes some big kahunas. If you think you could benefit from counseling (feeling stagnant, relationship issues, low self-esteem, etc.), I have no doubt you will be able to find your true self/voice  while working with Mazi.

She is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator. She has personally trained with Dr. Brene  Brown who is a best-selling author and an expert on shame and vulnerability. I am aware that not everyone is familiar with Brene’s work, but this is a BFD (big freaking deal)!

Mazi is a motivational speaker. She’s given talks in local community churches as well as Home Depot, Chic Fil A, and many other high profile Atlanta businesses. I have never been to one of her talks, but I can vision myself sitting in the audience being fully entertained and unexpectedly educated.  I imagine it is not much different than sitting in her living room having a one on one conversation with her.  She has a welcoming, warm nature that is hard to explain on paper.  But you feel it in her presence.

She is also the founder of Cultivate, which is something I fear I won’t explain well.  But before I get into not explaining it well, can we just pause for a second to look at all that Mazi has accomplished and is a part of? Sometimes, I’m like is she a robot? She feels warm to the touch, but I have wondered if I splash water on her face, will she short circuit? I’m not gonna try it of course, I have a feeling that would be a boundary crossing….but I wonder.  Back to Cultivate.  This is how I best understand it: it is a growing community of women. They meet regularly every other month….the next meeting is January 23rd. Its purpose is to provide a place for women to learn from and nurture one another to be better versions of themselves….it’s a fellowship of women dedicated to personal growth, essentially.  I am all about the community of women helping women.

To learn more about her private practice, check out her website and Facebook.  Cultivate also has a website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about my friend Mazi.

‘Til next time,


I’d like to do a weekly #WCW.  If you are or know a woman owned business that you’d like for me to feature, please send me an e-mail:

Below are Direct Links to learn more about the many services Mazi has to offer:

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