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A blog exclusively for my handmade business-the little nest!

Here you’ll find blog entries about my business (new products, behind the scenes looks) and spotlights to other handmade businesses (specifically those owned by women). Welcome to my little neck of the woods!

But it’s not all about business!

I’ll also share some of my day to day (non)adventures,  lots of dog photos, and  have monthly product giveaways (follow inside the little nest for more details).

I’m really excited and passionate about being a creative business owner and I’m glad to share this journey with you all! To learn more about me and how I became a hand made business owner, check out my intro blog the little nest and me. Let the adventure begin!

teething, how we loathe thee

Teething time is no fun....all the crying, the sleepless nights, the crankiness.  I'm sure it's hard on the baby, too! ba-dum-tshh Seriously, though, if you have ever been around a teething baby, you know the mixture of sadness for them and frustration for...

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Why showing gratitude makes me happy

Someone, somewhere along my journey taught me the importance of gratitude.  I wish I could remember exactly who that person was.  When I say gratitude, I don’t mean thanking people.  I think it is important and respectful to say “thank you”, but what I am...

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when failure sends you running for cover

Being a creative often means experimenting with new things. Sometimes these experiments lead to beautiful creations, but more often than not they just create frustrations. Frustration is a perfect way to describe my trials and errors with an embroidery...

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toot toot ahh beep beep

I started this week talking about Abbie so it only seems appropriate to end it on her, too. This first week without her has been a little surreal.  At some point I had convinced myself that she was just away at day care, despite the fact that I watched her...

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Meet Tee!

Reciprocitee offers a line of hand crafted, small batch bath and body products. I first met Tee, creator/owner of Reciprocitee, at the beehive in 2014. I remember asking her early on what her big picture plans were with her business. She spoke...

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thank YOU for being a friend, abbie

Friday we had to let go of a beloved family member. Abbie’s health deteriorated to the point that it felt inhumane to not give her peace. It is not at all how I wanted her life to end. It is not a decision I ever want to be forced to make. I wanted her to...

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meet becca scott

Today’s #WCW is Rebecca Scott, owner of Paper Bones. She’s an Atlanta based artist. Her water colors are unique and whimsical and her custom pet portraits are adorable! Aside from her paintings she makes cards, pins, earrings, and magnets. “So...

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little seeds

“From little seeds grow mighty trees.” I absolutely love this quote!! The first time I saw it I knew it had to go on a bodysuit! It is perfection. I have not made it a secret that I was abused as a child, so I read this quote from probably a different...

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where do i grow from here

When I started out on this venture of creating a handmade business, it all stemmed from a need to live creatively. My thoughts and focus were solely on what I could create and how to create it.  Then I shifted to thinking about where and how to sell these...

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callanwolde arts festival

I participated in the Callanwolde Arts Festival this weekend.  It’s unlike any other festival I do – mostly because of the setting.  It is inside the Callanwolde Mansion off of Briarcliff Road in Atlanta. A little history about the mansion: it...

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