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A blog exclusively for my handmade business-the little nest!

Here you’ll find blog entries about my business (new products, behind the scenes looks) and spotlights to other handmade businesses (specifically those owned by women). Welcome to my little neck of the woods!

But it’s not all about business!

I’ll also share some of my day to day (non)adventures,  lots of dog photos, and  have monthly product giveaways (follow inside the little nest for more details).

I’m really excited and passionate about being a creative business owner and I’m glad to share this journey with you all! To learn more about me and how I became a hand made business owner, check out my intro blog the little nest and me. Let the adventure begin!

find your niche

This has been on my mind A LOT lately. It’s a conversation that I’ve had more than once with a friend. This is pretty much how it goes: The setting is an arts and craft festival. Me: wow, what a great crowd we’re having! Friend: if you aren’t selling here,...

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changes a comin’

I had a revelation this weekend.  It’s gonna bring about some noticeable changes to my business.  I’m really excited to share all of that with you, but first I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ormewood Park! I had a great show this weekend. This...

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March Madness in Macon

I participated in my first outdoor festival of 2018 this past weekend in Macon.  The Little Nest was not a hit. I sincerely hope it is not a sign of things to come this year! In the moment that was frustrating and upsetting, but I do my best to try to find...

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Don’t Do it, Dolly

I often tease that Dolly Parton is the matron saint of the little nest I think highly of Dolly. And not for the two obvious, in your face reasons that you might think. She is a smart business woman.  She went from growing up poor in a small...

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Celebrating small victories

As many of you know, I have this adorable little camper that I am in love with. Today I’d like to share one of the small victories I recently had with her! Come this June, I will have owned T@agatha (that’s her name, it’s a play off of the model name,...

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peanut butter jelly time

  Social media is really misleading. It often makes it appear that we have it all together. Our lives/studios in picture perfect order. Our products ready for a magazine spread. But MY reality is so far from the online presence that I try to present. I...

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Self-care, mountain air

    Even though this is a slow time for me in regards to festivals, my life has been super busy.  I picked up some extra odd jobs to help me pay down some debt.  I’m super grateful for the opportunity to make some extra cash in my slow months, but it has not left me a...

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teething, how we loathe thee

Teething time is no fun....all the crying, the sleepless nights, the crankiness.  I'm sure it's hard on the baby, too! ba-dum-tshh Seriously, though, if you have ever been around a teething baby, you know the mixture of sadness for them and frustration for...

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Why showing gratitude makes me happy

Someone, somewhere along my journey taught me the importance of gratitude.  I wish I could remember exactly who that person was.  When I say gratitude, I don’t mean thanking people.  I think it is important and respectful to say “thank you”, but what I am...

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when failure sends you running for cover

Being a creative often means experimenting with new things. Sometimes these experiments lead to beautiful creations, but more often than not they just create frustrations. Frustration is a perfect way to describe my trials and errors with an embroidery...

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