Social media is really misleading. It often makes it appear that we have it all together. Our lives/studios in picture perfect order. Our products ready for a magazine spread. But MY reality is so far from the online presence that I try to present.
I don’t believe in not showing the trials with the triumphs.  So I’d like to introduce some humanity into my business. Remind everyone that it’s not all sunshine and roses. It takes a lot to get that one product in front of an audience.
For every “hit” product, there’s a dozen before it that didn’t make the cut. For every risk worth taking, there’s a handful of regrettable bad risks. For every triumph there’s a multitude of frustrations.
In trying to be authentic with you, to show that not everything I create meets my own expectations, I present to you, “peanut butter jelly time.”


It’s peanut butter jelly time!


I have had this idea in my head for over a year.  When I finally executed it, I was basically doing a “side eye Chloe.”


It’s clearly not my best work. And ya know what, that’s ok.  That’s part of this adventure. But somewhere in my next dozen ideas, I will hit one out of the park.  And you better believe I’ll post that baby all over social media!! Until then, I’ll accept this less than stellar bib for what it is and keep trying.

‘Til next time,


Some of my better designs can be found here!

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