I truly believe nothing has had a greater impact on my business’ growth than the beehive.  If you live in the metro Atlanta area or ever come to visit, put the beehive on your must see list!

This eclectic shop is all about handmade!

The Beehive is a handmade collective boutique.  What does that mean exactly? Well, in a way it is multiple shops under one roof. Each designer in the store is responsible for hers/his own space (maintaining stock, offering sales, etc) and the shop handles all the customer purchases (as well as advertising, book keeping, and all the non fun business behind the scenes stuff). This truly is a family business; Malene Davis is the shop owner and Queen Bee and her sister Mari is the store manager. They seek out the best local designers to become members of the beehive. And by seek out, I really mean they have 100’s of people on a wait list that have applied to sell in the shop (yes, this shop is the place to be!).  And by members, I mean family-cause once you’re in, you’re family.  I did my time on the wait list and I was over the moon with excitement when I got the call for an interview!  I won’t go into all of the details on how to become a designer at the shop, you can find that on their website here.

Here’s what’s unique about the beehive:

EVERYTHING in the store is hand made and over 95% of it is by Atlanta area designers. EVERY person that works in the store is a also a designer that sells in the store.  That truth applies not only to each worker bee (that’s what those of us that work in the store are called…cute, right?), but to the owner as well. Malene started out as a jewelry designer and is now jewelry designer, teacher, boutique owner, etc, etc, etc. Mari, too, is a designer and teacher (learn more about her line here!).  I love this about the store! That means we are all invested in its success!

The beehive is more than just a store!

Aside from being a fabulous shop filled with unique, handmade goodies…all 2600 square feet of it, it is also a place to learn.  They offer classes through out the year. The classes range from pickling to metal stamping to making bath bombs to beginner and intermediate sewing….there are tons of classes.  The list is always available online and they almost always sell out quickly. These classes are led by, you guessed it, us designers! I don’t teach classes, though…i have a bit of stage fright.

Did I mention Shaq shops here?

Maybe I should have led with that! The beehive was recently picked for a commercial for Small Business Saturday. American Express filmed in the store following Shaq as he shopped for handmade goodies for Charles Barkley. What a super exciting fun honor! Check out the commercial below!

I could go on all day about the beehive.  I am so grateful to be a part of this shop! It has opened so many doors for my business and helped me gain so much experience and knowledge. I shop here regularly myself….there’s always something new and cool. Almost all the cards I buy are made by Ian Nicholas Designs. I am totally in love with the  pins by Paper Bones ATL! So, seriously, when you’re in Atlanta, go to 1250 Caroline Street, Suite C120, Atlanta, GA, 30307, you won’t regret it! If you aren’t local to Atlanta, shop online! And be sure to sign up for their mailing list to find out about major sales (there are two huge sales each year) and to be the first to know when they offer classes at 1/2 off (who doesn’t like to save money?)!

‘Til next time,




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