Today’s post was written by Courtney.  As I mentioned, she helps me a lot, especially with cutting fabric and she does a good bit of the work on our hybrid.  What’s a hybrid? Continue reading…..

Courtney LOVES the Pancake Pantry! This is from their Nashville location.

My role at The Little Nest isn’t sexy. Jen has all the talent – she creates all the designs and each applique is her own hand-drawn, hand cut-out piece. Her ideas and execution consistently amaze me. But I have my own special niche. I am the master of the grunt work. If you own a bib from The Little Nest- the chances are very high that I hand drew and cut out the bib itself- the blank canvas ready for Jen’s design to come in and make it a masterpiece for your little one. Don’t feel bad for me- I’m a behind the scenes kind of gal- and grunt work is my jam (pun, totally intended).

BUT wait, there’s more!

And now I present to you…The Hybrid!

But I do have to admit that I have a soft place in my heart for one certain product that I have the ability to put together almost start to finish. The Hybrid! Okay- to be fair- I wouldn’t know how to use a sewing machine if my life depended on it- so without Jen- there still is no hybrid. A hybrid is a HUGE bib that gives a ton of coverage for catching all kinds of messes.

Use the snaps to make it a bib

BUT wait, there’s more! Or it will unsnap and  you can throw it over your shoulder to be used as a heavy duty burp cloth. So, it makes it a “grow with me” gift whose purpose transitions as your little one grows.  The hybrid is three layers- a  cute patterned fabric front, a middle layer of extra

Or just throw it over your shoulder as a burp cloth!

absorbent batting, and a matching colored pattern on the back. So, the hybrid requires a lot of cutting and a lot of pinning together. My specialties! I also feel a kinship to the hybrid- because of all of our product offerings- it does the most not-so-flashy grunt work. Just like me.

And now back to Jen…

And that’s the hybrid, folks. On a side note, the photo above of it being used as a burp cloth is actually Courtney (we’re a low budget business here). She LOVES to tell the everyone that prior to taking this photo I said “you might want to run a brush through your hair.”  Clearly, I lack tact at times, but she seriously needed to tackle some tangles.

‘Til next time,


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