This one goes out to all the ladies…

Y’all know how Boys to Men would stop singing and have the deep voiced dude speak to the ladies in the middle of the song? Pretend that’s what I’m doin’ right now. Got my r & b beats playin’ in the background, pullin’ out all the bass I can in my voice…. ♫ Girl, I’m here for you.  All those times at night when you were tired and barely hanging on…. ♫

Y’all, I’m just playin’! I ain’t got no bass in my voice! But, fore real, we spend a lot of time taking care of errbody else that we often overlook ourselves. STOP– if only for 5 minutes and do a little self-care.

I’m here to help you! I’ve been compiling a list of lady owned businesses and I’d like to share a few of them with you today. The one common thing these businesses have (aside from the whole lady owned part) is that they offer something in the form of self-care.

Let the introductions begin!

Climb – by Mariama Davis (Mari)

Meet Mari!

Mari makes both baby and home goods.  I am going to focus on her home goods today (cause this is all about self-care), but you can find all of her line here. There are two items that I specifically want to discuss.  The first is her candle line. I LOVE her candles.  Actually, I love them so much, I really don’t want to burn them. I often have customers say to me “your bibs are too cute to get dirty with food.” And I always respond with, “But that’s what they’re made for!” I totally understand those customers now. Cause I seriously don’t want to burn these candles.

Burn it, if you must!

I just want to hold it under my nose and take in the smells.  If you are not local to Atlanta, unfortunately, you cannot buy her candles online….just yet. But if you’re an Atlanta local, head on over to the Beehive and get you one or a dozen (that’s totally rational, right?!?).

Luggage tags in the making

This next item can be purchased online. These leather luggage tags are fabulous. While it in and of itself may not be a “self-care” item, the ultimate use of it can be! Buy one and plan a trip for yourself. Girls trip! Road Trip! Weekend Getaway! No Kids trip! Go somewhere and do something that is totally fun and just for you! And buy a cool luggage tag to set your gear apart from the pack!

Where to buy Climb:  or in person at Beehive Atlanta.

Jowelry’s Designs – by Josephine Fryar (Josie)

Meet Josie!

Josephine is a jewelry designer. It is always my goal to be authentic with people.  I am not a jewelry person. The extent of my jewelry is a lava stone bracelet and an earring in my upper ear (that has special meaning to me). If I try to sell you on her jewelry, I will fail. I don’t know jewelry and it will most likely be obvious to you. So instead, I want to “sell you” on Josie.

She works with sterling silver, gold, copper, and brass.  So far I have not met a person that knows their precious stones better than her. I am always amazed at how dedicated she is to her craft.  She regularly takes metalsmithing and jewelry making classes to further her education in the field.  Josie is constantly looking for unique precious stones to use in her creations.  Also, she keeps sketches of jewelry designs and often posts the sketches along with the final creation on social media (I always enjoy seeing these!). On a personal note, she is a good soul.  Much of her family lives in Puerto Rico.  They were hit hard by Hurricane Maria.  All her sales since the hurricane through the end of the year have gone (are going) to help send supplies to her family.  She and her husband just left on their second trip to PR to take luggages filled with supplies. If you are a jewelry person, if you are wanting to support a small business and help with the relief efforts in Puerto Rico, please check out Jowelry’s Designs!

Where to buy Jowelry’s Designs:



Fast Soft Press –by Amy Armour

Meet Amy!

Both Courtney and I have been fans of Amy’s since we first saw her product. She is a block printer. I remember making my first block print in my high school art class with Mrs. Thompson.  I fell in love with the process then.   She is inspired by nature and her prints are often created from plants she has seen on her walks.  If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see beautiful photos of plant life that she documents during walks.  Often, she’ll later post new block prints that were inspired by those plants.  It’s really cool to watch her process unfold!   In her shop you can purchase lavender eye pillows or sachets (they smell soooooooo good), tea towels, napkins, coasters, and prints.

Put your nose to the screen and breathe deep. Smell the lavender?

Think about it, you’ve had a long day at work, you get home to deal with house chores, you’re tired and stressed (and if you’re like me, hungry too, but this won’t help with that. Buy a snickers or something. Do I have to solve all your problems?). How wonderful would it be to pop an eye pillow in the microwave for a few seconds, lay that baby on your eyes or head, and kick up your feet while you breathe in the sweet lavender aroma? Just take a 5 minute break from it all! Of course, they make excellent gifts, too!

Where to buy Fast Soft Press: or locally here in Atlanta at Cocoa&Mischa , check her website here for other retail locations



BHC Studio – by Elizabeth Jones (Beth)

Meet Beth!

Beth does not just talk the talk, she walks the walk.  Her bath and body line is created first and foremost for usefulness, but she has very high ethical and environmental standards. She wants BHC Studio to reduce its carbon footprint, so Beth’s products are all created with Momma Earth in mind. Everything she makes is at minimum 68% organic. She uses minimal and recyclable packaging. And many of her products are vegan friendly (she clearly states which ones are).  Her product line is made for EVERYONE – I know both white ladies and women of color that swear by her hair products.

Try her cleanse creme ! It is a hair and body wash in one.  Imma be honest with y’all, I’m pretty low maintenance. So the less stuff I need to keep in the shower, the better! Check out her website below for her full line of products. I’m gonna throw in one more product that I think is a must have this time of year – conditioning butter . Winter weather dries my skin out so badly. This is a great product to have on hand in the cold weather!

Where to buy BHC Studio: or locally at the beehive atlanta



Those are my picks for this post of women owned businesses that offer self-care products.  If anything tickled your fancy, then please do check out their online shops.  Small business owners really and seriously do a happy dance when people buy from them!

‘Til next time,


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