When I started out on this venture of creating a handmade business, it all stemmed from a need to live creatively. My thoughts and focus were solely on what I could create and how to create it.  Then I shifted to thinking about where and how to sell these creations. But I never really

thought much about marketing, or having a business plan, or even how to grow my business.

When I tell you that I have made MANY mistakes on this path, I genuinely mean MANY, MANY, MANY. I wish I knew everything I know now when I started my business.  And truthfully in 5 years, I will probably say “I wish I knew 5 years ago what I know now.”  On one hand I suppose that is what it’s all about – learning and growing.  But on the other hand it is quite frustrating to have the “what if’s” and wonder where I would be had I had that knowledge.

So here I am in this weird place. I’ve created a product that people (at least some people) are willing and able to buy.  And I sell it decently well.  But I’m stagnant. Thanks to my therapist’s nudge, I’m looking at the business side of things.  And in that I am finding so many things that I just am not doing well. I am my own worst critic; I will find the imperfections in everything I do and I will nit-pick and shame the hell out of myself over them.  I wish I were kinder to myself, but that is a blog topic for another day.

While I feel frustrated and overwhelmed trying to learn and implement these new things into my business to help nourish her and grow her, I know that I cannot be alone in this. I know there must be other business owners that are in the same place; People who are trying to take their businesses to the next level and finding it all just too much.  Or people that have beautiful creative juices, but aren’t the best at the businessy stuff.  I say to you what I have to keep saying to myself, “you’ve got this!

The scary part was leaving a comfortable job to start a business.

The impossible was taking an idea and turning it into a way to make a living.  This businessy stuff, while I think it is very important and should not be overlooked, is just another ingredient in the recipe. If I can do those first two things, I can tackle marketing and branding.

There are days when I am frustrated and overwhelmed by it all, but more often than not, I like a challenge.  Today my right brain is screaming at my left brain: BRING IT!

‘Til next time,


PS-Click on the photo with the ring. Read the message. I am not a ring person, but I kinda need that one in my life!

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