I mentioned in a previous post that my dad used to work for a sanitation company. He’s a mechanic and repaired the garbage trucks. In that same post I’d revealed we were really poor and that a lot of times he’d bring us home gifts that were actually things pulled out of the garbage trucks. One day he brought me home a basketball hoop. There was no net, no backboard, no pole. Just a hoop.

I don’t remember asking for a basketball hoop. But we didn’t get a lot so I was excited about it.

Daddy found an old piece of plywood to use as a backboard and attached it an a random wooden light pole he had “laying” around. I have no idea where that light pole came from. Sometimes it’s best not to get caught up in the details. That way if someone comes by asking questions, you can’t go down as an accomplice.

“A wooden light pole was stolen off of Main Street, officer? You don’t say! I don’t know nothin’ ’bout that. I guess it’s like the Judds say, this world’s gone crazy. Tell me ’bout them good ole days.” (if you don’t know the Judds, that totally just flew over your head).

He buried the pole at the front of the parking pad he’d created behind our trailer.  It was a gravel pad and made for a lot of ball chasing while dribbling. I’d spend hours everyday just bouncing the ball and shooting hoops.  Just me. By myself. It was peaceful.

One birthday I asked for a net for the hoop…life changing!

And I’m almost positive it was just like this red, white, and blue one cause you know… ‘Merica! Daddy eventually got a job promotion that moved us to Huntsville, AL and into a house.  He poured a concrete slab in the backyard and bought me a brand new basketball goal (on an adjustable pole, with a real backboard).  I totally thought I’d won the lottery!

And again I’d spend hours outside shooting hoops. I’d lower the hoop to it’s lowest setting and try to slam dunk.  I never could.  After all those hours, I still really sucked at basketball. I never played on a team. And I was pretty much guaranteed to lose at a game of horse. But it wasn’t really about any of that.  It was just something I found peaceful and enjoyed doing.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how I can add more enjoyment, less work into my life.  I just got my first check from Garage Door Studio on Friday (I can’t remember the last time I got paid on a Friday). And I’m gonna use part of it to buy myself a basketball goal (I’m even splurging for the hoop)! I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas (well, actually, I still get excited about Christmas as an adult)!

I can’t wait for Courtney to beat me at a game of horse!

’til next time,


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