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A blog exclusively for my handmade business-the little nest!

Here you’ll find blog entries about my business (new products, behind the scenes looks) and spotlights to other handmade businesses (specifically those owned by women). Welcome to my little neck of the woods!

But it’s not all about business!

I’ll also share some of my day to day (non)adventures,  lots of dog photos, and  have monthly product giveaways (follow inside the little nest for more details).

I’m really excited and passionate about being a creative business owner and I’m glad to share this journey with you all! To learn more about me and how I became a hand made business owner, check out my intro blog the little nest and me. Let the adventure begin!

Hello, light!

Sometimes we get stuck. I honestly think that’s where I’ve been lately.  Stuck.  It’s hard to get unstuck.  Once you’ve fallen in a hole, it’s hard to get out. I can’t express my gratitude for my partner.  Granted at times we sit in the hole together and cry about how...

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I’m sad. How are you?

We’re approaching the one year anniversary of when our world literally turned upside down.  I’ll be honest, I’m sad.  How are you doing?   Many folks are doing just fine   I think it’s important to acknowledge that many people are doing just fine.  Some of...

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Love always wins

Y’all, I don’t know how to talk about the inspiration behind this card and magnet without telling the story, and I don’t know that I’m ready to tell the full story. So, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.Here’s the bottom line: there was an unhinged woman in my...

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Peddling in a Pandemic

This post is mostly for those people that are considering doing arts and craft events this Winter/Spring, but are worried about the pandemic. I slept in my van for out of town shows. This is a crude shot of my van one night at an out of town show.  It’s really hard to...

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What’s going on with the little nest

If you’ve been watching my social media lately, it looks a lot different than usual.   This post is just a “this is what’s going on with the little nest” kind of update. The little nest as you know it is not going anywhere in the near future.  I will continue to make...

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the little nest 2.0

First and foremost, thank you for the break.  And especially thank you to everyone that reached out during it.  I appreciate you all.So I’m just gonna get straight to the point in this post. Pre COVID I was already thinking about changing my business.  I enjoy making...

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Ridge & Valley Scenic Byway

Disclaimer:  We are travelled this drive during COVID-19.  However, we did not come into any contact with other people.  We packed a cooler with drinks and food and put a portable toilet in our van for bathroom breaks.There are 15 scenic byways in Georgia. Courtney...

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let’s go camping

That last post was depressing.  I promised the next one wouldn’t be.  So here is something a little more uplifting (at least to me) and it's all about camping safely during a pandemic. Courtney and I love to go camping and take day trips.  It’s a cheap past time that...

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light shining through the darkness

This has been hard, y’all. I’m sure most of you can relate. A lot of this is very personal and not information I’d normally share, but I’m always about being honest.  I’ve kinda been hit or miss on social media and this is why.I don’t particularly like the social...

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Silence is Deafening

I avoid posting things on my business social media that some in society would consider “controversial topics.”  I put that in quotation because I don’t believe that skin color or sexual/gender identity should be considered controversial.  We are who we are. But...

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