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It’s Good to Have Land

We did a thing this week.  We closed on a piece of property!!! We’ve been working on this for much of the year.  We had some setbacks and disappointments, and though this isn’t this most ideal location or the largest plot we tried to buy, it has special meaning to me...

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Please, Welcome Lizzo

People have asked me often to make Lizzo themed magnets and patches.  I have repeatedly said no.  It’s not because I don’t like Lizzo.  I love her! But it feels really icky to me to make money off of a current Black woman’s fame. I honestly don’t know how to really...

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My Happy Place

Something that I’ve really been thinking about since Thanksgiving is how I’ve turned my coping mechanism into a business. To escape abuse as a child, I created a fantasy world. Anytime I felt unsafe, I’d go there in my mind. It’s a coping mechanism that I still use to...

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Rainbows Everywhere

I always have mixed feelings when it comes to the month of June. On one hand, I’m grateful for the progress that has been made in our country. It feels good to see large and small businesses alike posting “Happy Pride” and rainbows.It means that public opinion has...

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Nobody Puts baby in a Corner

I want to start this blog off to say that we have never had a concrete plan for what to do with the baby line once we decided to put it on the back burner.We have talked about it on an almost daily basis. Should we do this? Should we do that? When should we do this?...

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Take a Chance on Me

Take a chance on me Gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie If you put me to the test, if you let me try   Take a chance on me (That’s all I ask of you honey) Take a chance on me So we’re doing something with this new product line that we have NEVER attempted...

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1.8 Minutes

Sometimes life gives you immediate answers and instant gratification. This post is about just that.Before getting to the juicy goodness of what that 1.8 minutes means, I need to give some back story. In the not so distant past, the little nest used to be a different...

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Bite Me

This design spoke to me because it reminded me a lot of my favorite childhood Halloween costume.  So for the few of you that still aren’t sure, YES, I am gay.  I first said that out loud when I was 12 years old.  Of course, the one friend I confided in convinced me it...

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Fall Artist Market

Come out and spend the day with me in Tucker, GA at the Fall Artist Market at Drayton Woods Recreation Club! When: Saturday, October 23rd 10AM-4PM Where: 4259 Drayton Woods Club Road, Tucker, GA 30084 It's an outdoor event and a great opportunity to support local...

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