Many of you may remember that our sweet pup, Ande, tore a ligament in his knee back in 2018.  He had a successful surgery to repair it.  But the Vet did warn us that it is not uncommon for the ligament in the other knee to tear as well.  We’re sad to say that day has come.

It’s been obvious for a while now that his “good” knee has been bothering him.  We’ve been pampering him extra hard because of that: no stairs, no jumping off furniture (he hasn’t had the strength to jump on it in many years), no standing on his back legs to beg, no jumping of any kind.  Basically anything to take stress off of his joints.

We visited his Grandma on Friday. Upon returning home, as I was getting myself out of the truck, he quickly jumped out of the seat and into the floorboard.  He like obsessively wants to go on a bye-bye and then is incredibly impatient to get back in the house when we return home. Weirdo. Anyway, that jump was the nail in the coffin for his “good” knee. He has struggled to put weight on it since.  He’s been hopping on three legs to go to the bathroom.

Here we go again…

A vet visit confirmed what we already knew: he tore the ligament in the “good” knee.  The doctor said we could try strict bed rest for no more than three weeks. But that it would also be totally appropriate to schedule his surgery now.  We opted for the three weeks bed rest. It gives us both a chance to gather the funds and to get a little weight off of him which will help with the recovery.

 As I did last time, I will keep everyone posted about his journey. Fingers crossed it all ends in three weeks after the bed rest.  But we know our luck, we know his luck, and the reality is he’s more than likely gonna need surgery.

`Til next time,


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