I had a revelation this weekend.  It’s gonna bring about some noticeable changes to my business.  I’m really excited to share all of that with you, but first I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ormewood Park! I had a great show this weekend.

This was the second year for the festival. It has grown a lot since last year.  There’s a very proud and supportive vibe that oozes from the neighborhood.  I’m really looking forward to watching this festival grow each year.  And I just wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone that supported the event and especially my little business!

So back to the changes.  When I started this business, it was initially a bib business.  I never even thought about making bodysuits.  But the second I made my first one, it took off.  And now I sell both bibs and bodysuits pretty evenly. I like to believe that I can adjust to the changes of my business. But I struggle in some areas.

This next part is gonna sound braggy, and I don’t mean for it to be.  It’s just where my business is currently at. I’m having a hard time keeping up with the demand for my product now.  Technically, I could raise my prices to slow sales, but that’s not an option I’m open to.  I am well aware that my prices are too high for some people while others feel I could charge more.  To be honest, I’m quite happy to be in the price range that I am in.

Like me, it will always be under construction in some way.

So my solution to the demand was to introduce items that take less time to make.  Queue the newer all vinyl designs you’ve been seeing of late.  It has been such a help to me to have designs that take up less of my time.  But this weekend, while admiring my set up at Ormewood Park, I realized that the vinyl had really taken over.  And I felt sad about that.  Like I’d lost part of my own identity.

It’s like I went from one extreme (incredibly detailed, all hand cut, intricate fabric appliques) to the other extreme (creating a design and having a machine cut it). And now I am in a place where I want to find a happy median between the two. I don’t want my business to become something that anyone with a vinyl cutting machine can do, but I also have to not allow the details to drain me dry of time.

So I’m rebuilding some designs in my head that will have a combination of the two. You’re gonna see design changes over the next few months.  I have said in a previous blog that this business is my baby.  It is a living breathing entity, ever evolving into a better version of itself. Right now she’s going through a growth spurt and is having an awkward moment. Thank you for supporting my business even when she’s in these stages!

‘Til next time,



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