Changes ahead
We’re under going changes here at the little nest that I’m really excited about. I can’t share all of them just yet. But here are two important ones that are intertwined.

Number one:

The first of the many changes to come is that in March the little nest will double in size!! This has been a one-woman business from the start. On a few occasions my sister has come and helped for a few days with production. Back when my nephews thought it was still cool to hang out with their aunts, I’d give them jobs to do one week each summer. And my partner has often pitched in when I needed some assistance. But mostly it’s just been me. And the reality is this business has been bigger than just me for a few years now. It’s hard for just me to keep the balls in the air. I can’t keep boutiques stocked or make the products I want for festivals or maintain my blog. I’ve had to stop production on items that require a lot of time to make because I literally haven’t had the time to make them.


Number two:

My hope is that with the extra help I’ll be able to get back to the heart of what I used to do with the little nest: sew. Sewing got put on the back burner quite a bit these last two years, and especially last year. I just found myself making the items that required the least amount of my time because all I could do was stay afloat. By getting back to sewing, not only will I be able to offer new products, but more hands on unique ones, too! I hope to be able to share more about those in the coming months!


A personal note


For the last year I have considered giving up this business. I’m constantly stressed. I barely have a life. And I’m tired of the drama that comes with being in the handmade business in Atlanta.


I always thought in this field we’d lift each other up and support each other.  But there’s a lot of stealing, lack of integrity, and pure shade that happens. It’s so very hard to not take any of that personal. It’s even harder to try to ignore it 100% and stay in my own lane. But that’s my goal this year-to try to tune out the drama, to enjoy this new adventure my business is about to go on, and to take it back to what it initially was before I let so many outside influences sway me. A new perspective and a little change can go a long way!


I appreciate you for all the support you’ve given me over the years. I’m really excited for what 2020 has in store for the little nest! Thanks for staying on this ride with me!

‘til next time,



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