As most of you already know, one of the ways I make a living is selling at arts and craft fairs. To those of you that are new to my blog, one of the ways I make a living is selling at arts and craft fairs. There, we’re all on the same page. 🙂
I often make purchases or trade with other artisans at the shows…especially when the fall/winter holidays are approaching. First and foremost, I really do practice what I preach – I support handmade. Secondly, I love giving unique gifts that I know can’t be bought from big box stores or amazon. Lastly, more often than not, the things I buy at shows are made with better quality supplies than “store bought” items are.

win some, lose some

I will usually buy things for courtney. My love language is totally gifts! Typically, my gifts are received well. But one little sad gourd pumpkin was not. So each year as we pull out the Halloween decorations, I’m handed a gourd pumpkin to sit in the studio until it’s time to put out the Thanksgiving decorations.
Now I know that at my core, I’m trailer trash. And that core sometimes reveals itself when I’m not on guard. But, seriously, y’all, I don’t think this little decoration is all that bad. A little country craft? Yes. But not a ban it to the studio so the guests we don’t ever have never see it kind of bad.
Whatever, me and pumpkin witch are perfectly happy hanging out in the studio together conjuring up new ideas and discussing our disdain for pumpkin flavored everything this time of year!
’til next time…happy haunting,
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