This first paragraph is for those of you that read my last post. As you know Courtney does not want to be my called my fiancé. She has agreed to the term “future wife” which is what I jokingly called her in a text message earlier this week.  So “future wife” it is.

So for weeks now, folks in the art forums I’m in have been freaking out over Covid-19. Like me, they are less worried about contracting it and more worried about the influence it will have on their incomes. One hundred percent honest moment, I have lost sleep over the worry of the financial impact this could have on us. 

But here’s the thing, I can’t control the outcome of this anymore than I can control the weather.  And when there’s a threat of rain for the entire weekend of a show, I don’t quit prepping for that show.  I still move forward as if the show will not get cancelled, as if the customer attendance will not be affected, and as if it’s business as usual. I have to treat this the same exact way. Like any unknown, it’s totally scary. But I’m not going to allow that fear to rule my every action.


“Today I refuse to stress myself out about things I cannot control or change.”


For anyone wondering about our festival schedule (which I will update online this weekend), as of this writing, none of the festivals have been cancelled.  I plan on attending every show we have been accepted in. As long as the show goes on, so will we. We will take precautions at shows, such as hand sanitizing, maybe wearing gloves (IDK), wiping down hard surfaces (phones for payment) with Clorox wipes, etc. Some of our products get packaged before being exposed to the public (teething rings, tutus, age blocks) and the items that don’t have packaging are all fiber (bibs, bodysuits, blankets, burp cloths) and I’d recommend you wash those prior to use even if there weren’t a virus.

Should a show get cancelled, I will post an update to Facebook and Instagram.  But for now, we are moving forward with business as usual.

’til next time,


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