This post is a follow up to my last one. When I started the little nest I created very strict rules about how I wanted to represent my business. I won’t put crude or what I judge as inappropriate content on my products. You won’t find any political or spiritual views represented on my products. It’s totally fine for other business, but not mine. I also don’t like to add products that don’t fit my business. For example, if coffee mugs become all the rage or a quick way to make a buck, I’m not going to add them to my line because it just doesn’t go. My identity was clearly outlined and I focused on rperesenting it. 

I mentioned in the last post that I know of other small business owners that have taken bad advice in an attempt to grow their businesses. Well add me to that growing list. I get asked to make adult shirts ALL the time. Regretfully, I started doing so with a couple of my designs.

This past weekend I participated in a festival; and I truly believe I confused people by adding adult shirts. I totally lost my identity as a baby business. When I stepped back and looked at my booth with a scattering of adult shirts amongst my baby items, I looked greedy and money hungry. I felt ashamed of myself.  Sunday morning we readjusted my booth layout  and removed the adult shirts. And ya know what happened? My sales JUMPED.

Of course now I have these adult shirts I need to get rid of. I also have a decision to make about one of my designs (where the cool kids live).  I think what I’ll ultimately do is start a separate clothing line for JUST that design. It is something that can stand on its own. But going forward, the little nest is a baby business, just as it was initially intended to be.

Don’t Fall Victim to Fear

As I’ve said in the previous post, this is a super competitive field and it’s full of thieves. That combination alone makes it easy to fall into a panic on how to get ahead or even stay afloat. For anyone else that has felt this same panic as I have, I encourage you to stay true to yourself and not lose your identity.

To end this post, I’d like to highlight a business that does an excellent job of staying true to itself: ABETTERBUZZ. This company is owned by my friend Buzz. I admire what he’s created. He knows exactly who his audience is and he creates products for THAT audience. Both his product line and his social media presence reflect that he has stayed true to his customer base and not lost his identity in the rat race of the creative world. Please check out his brand!

Thanks for reading all of this and stay true to yourself!
‘til next time,
~ Jen

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