We did a thing this week.  We closed on a piece of property!!! We’ve been working on this for much of the year.  We had some setbacks and disappointments, and though this isn’t this most ideal location or the largest plot we tried to buy, it has special meaning to me personally.

For those of you that have followed our business for a while or know us personally, you know I spent many years estranged from my family.  This post is not about our past, it’s about our future.  But how my family and I reunited is important to this story.

My dad’s youngest sibling is Melody.  Lovingly referred to as Mel’dy.  Aunt Mel’dy has always been my favorite aunt.  She was the one that was always around.  She was fun.  She was loving.  She was accepting. She had a lot of character. Most of my childhood memories contain her in some form or fashion.

I was not in contact with my family in 2020, but my sister reached out to let me know Aunt Mel’dy had passed.  It was devastating.  Not just because she was gone, but because I cut her off when I cut off everyone else. And she didn’t deserve it.  I try to live a life with as few regrets as I possibly can, but not staying in touch with Aunt Mel’dy all those years is one of my biggest.  On a positive note, she and I became FB friends within her last year on earth. I was able to tell her how much she meant to me.   I am thankful daily that the universe gave me that opportunity. 

I’m sure most if y’all remember that 2020 was a pretty crappy year.  We were in a worldwide pandemic, my aunt passed (not of Covid), and I sincerely thought we were all gonna die.  Between all the feelings that losing my aunt brought up and thinking we were all dying, I reconnected with my family.  No matter the past, I didn’t want to live through losing another family member while I was not in contact with them.  Sometimes death gives life a new perspective.  I’m very thankful for the many years of therapy I’ve had and the current therapist I see.  It’s helped me tremendously to deal with my childhood trauma and to understand how that has shaped me into the adult I am.  It helps me to navigate these relationships with a better understanding of who I am, who they are, and what boundaries I need to maintain the relationships.

Having my family back in my life brings up a lot of things from the past, but it’s also like putting on a comfortable pair of sweatpants.  There’s familiarity and shared memories.  We’ve been through things together that others cannot relate to. It feels more and more like a place of belonging and less and less like I’m just an outsider.  And though now I know we are not all dying in a worldwide pandemic, I am still well aware that my time with them is limited.  Any one of us could keel over tomorrow. So, I feel a desire to be closer to all of them not just emotionally, but physically.  And that’s how we ended up looking for land in Alabama.

As I have said it’s been a bit of a journey this year finding the right piece.  Sadly, the one we both liked the most did not work out. I’d like to believe there’s a reason why.  But whatever it is, it’s something we both must grieve and move on from.  However, a few years prior to her death, my Aunt Mel’dy bought some land that she had intended to build on. They had only started to clear it off when she passed.  My uncle sold it to us.  We were able to buy the lot adjacent to it as well.  While it is not the most ideal plot, it means a lot to me.  Aunt Mel’dy is who brought me back home to Alabama, and soon I will get to live where she wanted to call home.  Her husband told me at the signing that he knows she is going to be watching over us as we build. I like to believe that is true.

Y’all, stay tuned.  I’ll post more about it once we start working the land and building on it.

’til next time,


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