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That last post was depressing.  I promised the next one wouldn’t be.  So here is something a little more uplifting (at least to me) and it’s all about camping safely during a pandemic.

Courtney and I love to go camping and take day trips.  It’s a cheap past time that really makes us happy.  While we mostly prefer to take our little teardrop out for a camping trip, sometimes it’s impossible. And in those times, we opt for a nice drive somewhere.

However, we have not done either since the stay at home order was issued due to COVID-19.  We actually had not camped at all this year (different reasons at different moments). I’ll preface this entire entry to say that we have been VERY strict about our exposure.  Because I do have respiratory issues and honestly the thought of basically suffocating to death scares the bejesus out of me.

We had to find a compromise where we felt safe but could venture out in the world, too.


Even though the country has practically reopened now, we had still not attempted a camping or day trip because we didn’t want to use public restrooms. While our little teardrop does have a sink with running water, it doesn’t have a shower or toilet.  So we use the campground bathhouses for those needs.  When it comes to day trips, we rely on gas station bathrooms. And lets be honest, those can be sketchy even when there isn’t a pandemic. So neither of those activities has felt safe to us.

However, we did go camping last week for several days. Here are the precautions we made that helped us to both feel safe and good in our decision:

  • We chose a campground with in a 2 hour drive from our home (in the hopes that we would not need to stop for a bathroom break on the drive)
  • Packed hand sanitizers and soap
  • Brought 5 face masks each
  • Brought our own toilet
  • Set up a shower tent to wash off in and put our toilet in
  • We did not socialize with other campers (but honestly, that’s who we were pre COVID)

It was so nice to be out in nature, to breathe different air, to do something we love.


What a much needed break from the COVID reality we have been living. And it got us to thinking about how much we enjoy day trips. So that’s our next adventure: driving one of Georgia’s 15 scenic byways. However before hitting the road, we had to discuss some preparations we can make to feel safe while adventuring. First, we’re gonna use our minivan and take our little portable toilet along with us to avoid public bathroom use.  Secondly, we’ll pack our lunch and drinks and make the best of the situation under these circumstances. Lastly, we won’t interact with strangers. In the end it’ll just cost us gas.  But luckily that’s cheap right now and I think it’s a worthy expense for the calm it will bring our minds.

I’ll post photos of any adventures we take in my instagram stories.

Below are photos from our camping trip as well as a photo of me and Ande testing out an air mattress in the mini van.  Perhaps an overnight minivan adventure will be in our future, too.

Stay safe!

‘til next time,


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