light through darkness

This has been hard, y’all. I’m sure most of you can relate. A lot of this is very personal and not information I’d normally share, but I’m always about being honest.  I’ve kinda been hit or miss on social media and this is why.

I don’t particularly like the social distancing part of all of this, but I can handle it.  I’m mostly an introvert. I prefer the company of my little family and an occasional visit with a close friend or two.  But mostly, I’m sincerely ok with very little human interaction.

Where I’m struggling the most is the no money part of this.  We have sold like $90 this month, I cannot get an answer from the state on my PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance), and while I’m grateful boutiques have reopened, those checks are not enough to sustain us. It’s stressful. And I’m the type of person that likes to both work and get paid.  I spin my wheels constantly trying to think about how to generate some income.

I find myself feeling resentful of other people I know who are basically taking advantage of a tough time and using it to cash in anyway they can.  I’m having a hard time letting that go.  There are several folks I just won’t be able to look at the same way after this is all over with. Like, dude, yeah, a lot of us aren’t making the money we’re accustomed to. A lot of us are learning how little we can live off of right now. Do you seriously need to take advantage just to add to your cash pile?!?!

But on the other hand, I see flashes of light that I’m grateful for. And the light always seems to shine brightest in the darkest of hours, doesn’t it.

These types of events show us both the good and the bad in people.  And I am so thankful to have many good people in my life:

  • A patient and fun partner
  • Friends that check in
  • A therapist that is seeing me for a fraction of her cost (via online session, of course)
  • Customers that still support our business
  • A sweet puppy to snuggle with
  • Friends that have the ability and willingness to get my truck running again for free
  • A boutique that worked hard even during the shut down to keep making money for us

There are things I cannot even remember that I know belong on that list. I have to remind myself of the blessings often because the burden feels too heavy to bear.

There is absolutely no point to this blog post other than to share where I’m at and why I have not been consistent online with my business posts.

On a quick side note, we did get to camp for a few days.  Aside from the fact that we had no interactions with other people, it felt normal. I’ll do a separate blog post about it another day.  But I will say, that little get away was so refreshing and inspiring. And it’s also something I’m thankful for.

I hope y’all are doing well and staying safe and finding ways to feel some normalcy in your lives as well.

Love to you all,


PS- for anyone that wants to support us through purchases (we’re still making masks, too) click here.

And normally I’d be too proud for this, but if you feel like donating, our venmo is @littlenest (it has our nest and egg logo attached to it).

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