Heart magnet

Y’all, I don’t know how to talk about the inspiration behind this card and magnet without telling the story, and I don’t know that I’m ready to tell the full story. So, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

Here’s the bottom line: there was an unhinged woman in my booth recently.  The interaction in and of itself was unsettling.  Though I did absolutely nothing wrong (or even engage with the woman), the blame of the event was basically placed on my shoulders.  That just added shame to what was already an unpleasant situation.

Honestly the whole thing has been super upsetting to me.  As any sane person would do, I’ve thought of ways to get even with all parties involved.  But thanks to the pandemic, I can’t afford bail money right now.  So instead I turned to what I know: a creative outlet.

Please know that I am totally kidding about the “getting even part.”  And by totally kidding, I mean: yeah, I thought about it, but I’d truly never act so irrationaly….unless cheese fries are involved…then all bets are off.  Like for real, I like cheese fries with a vat of ranch.

Anyway, so my answer to the bully is this: love ALWAYS wins. It does.  Maybe the bullies will win a little battle here and there. Maybe there will be moments when we feel like we’re surrounded by bullies, or governed by bullies, or even pressured to become bullies.  But I truly believe love conquers all. I let her take my sunshine momentarily, but love is on my side.  LOVE is on MY side.

The world is crazy right now.  Because of this damn pandemic and isolation, many of us are lacking the coping mechanisms we’re used to or the support systems we typically rely on. This is a sad part of our collective history.  Stay safe, y’all, and try not to let the bullies get the best of you.

With love,


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