Y’all, I’m participating in something that is totally outside of my comfort zone this Saturday (April 4, 2020). I’ll be “vending” in an online festival called the Maker Hop & Shop and will be  going live in my instagram stories for the first time ever. EEK!  Being in front of the camera is so totally not my thing at all.  When I’m comfortable with you and in a one on one situation, I will talk your ear off and have you laughing.  But in this type of situation, I lose all my charm and wit.


Super nervous and scared about this. But I’m also aware that during this pandemic, I have to be willing to try new things to promote my business and try to make sales. And while there are folks out there that don’t like hearing the phrase “new normal” the reality is we are all living “new normals” right now even if they are only temporary.  And for me in this moment, one of my new normals is figuring out how to sell without the assistance of boutiques or festivals.  I’ve been graciously given this opportunity to be a part of an online festival and I’m gonna give it my all….despite the fears.


Here is what the online festival looks like


Starting at 10AM this Saturday (4/20/20), we (Courtney, Ande and I) will go live from my studio in our IG story.  We’ll have a small display set up in Courtney’s office (AKA Studio C) to showcase some of the products we have available for sale on our website.  I’ll give a studio tour and will gladly answer any questions you may have.  The festival will run from 10AM-2PM.  During that time, you can get 20% off any order from our website by using code HOPSHOP. AND we’ll be offering free shipping, too!! That coupon will expire at 2PM, though.  So be sure to make your purchase before then!


How does a virtual festival work?


I’m glad you asked! It’s actually super simple! You just pop in on the participating makers’ live instagram feeds during the festival hours and see what they’ve got going on.  If they have any special festival sales, they’ll let you know.  They’ll have signage up that will show you how to shop from them (some will direct you to their websites, some will want to send invoices, others will sell via DM, etc).  And they’ll be available to interact with you.  So ask questions (or don’t, totally up to you)!  Obviously, it’s a festival, we want to make sales, but if you can’t afford to shop (which trust us we TOTALLY understand), still stop by and say hello! We’d love to chat with you!


Who’s participating in the virtual festival?


Again, another GREAT question! You’re a fabulous audience! Below is a list of all the participants.  I’ve linked their instagram accounts to their photos. So please click through them and check out their feeds.  Follow the ones you like (which will obviously be all of them) and be sure to check in with them on Saturday between 10AM-2PM as they also will be going live during the festival.  I think most participants will give studio tours, others will offer live demos, and we’ll all be available for any questions.

Most of us do this as a full time gig. Losing festivals has been pretty devastating to say the least. This is a great opportunity to support makers and all from the comfort of your home!

See you Saturday!


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