I participated in my first outdoor festival of 2018 this past weekend in Macon.  The Little Nest was not a hit. I sincerely hope it is not a sign of things to come this year! In the moment that was frustrating and upsetting, but I do my best to try to find silver linings in everything.

Everyone has a market!

I’ve been doing this long enough now that I don’t beat myself up over a bad show. Well, that’s not exactly true.  I do still beat myself up, but in a different way.  Early on, I’d question my business as a whole “am I any good at this?” “am I overpriced?” I took every bad show personally.  Don’t get me wrong, it is hard to not take it personal. However, I’ve had enough “victories” to know that there is a market out there that really likes what I do and will spend money for it. Honestly, I think that is true for every artist/crafter. Just because I am not a fan of someone’s creation does not mean that there isn’t a market out there that LOVES it. I want to put that out there as words of encouragement for any that may need it.

But back to the “beating myself up” bit.  No I did not question my product, but I did scold myself for not researching the area first.  I really think this is key for my particular business.  Some artists’ creations can reach a very broad market and therefore has potential to do well at any show. That is not the case for the little nest.  I have learned this over the years, but unfortunately I am incredibly stubborn and hard headed and sometimes I just don’t always take my own advice.  So I am grateful for this show; for the reminder that I should research a city before applying for a market or festival.

Macon is definitely attracting a younger crowd. It’s moving towards more of a “city vibe” than a rural one. There were several murals and some art installations that I passed. If the trend continues, it will be a great market for my business in a few years!

I actually don’t think it was a bad market….it just wasn’t my crowd.

There was probably 80-ish vendors. The guys that ran it had brought in a food truck and a stage with a live band and a DJ. And there was a decent crowd, which surprised me given the weather (it had rained that morning and stayed overcast the entire show). They also put out port-o-potties, which is sadly not very common at events that are called “market” or “pop up shop”. I was really impressed with those things. And I know for a fact that several Atlanta based artists did have a decent show and will most likely participate again. That’s a great sign for them and the show! So if you’re an artist that can reach a broad audience or someone that just likes to attend outdoor events, it is worth checking out.  The event is the Downtown Macon Open Air Market.  It’s held once a month.

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