Today’s #WCW is Rebecca Scott, owner of Paper Bones. She’s an Atlanta based artist. Her water colors are unique and whimsical and her custom pet portraits are adorable! Aside from her paintings she makes cards, pins, earrings, and magnets.

“So a little bit about me, I’ve always drawn little creatures and monsters from my imagination! I went to school and studied drawing, painting and printmaking. I even own my own letterpress! (its huge!) I have some small accounts around town where I print coasters and other things like that.” ~Becca Scott

I was first introduced to Becca through the Beehive in Atlanta.  I was immediately drawn to her pins. They are quirky and feminist and fun! I had to buy one on the spot (which is rare for me). I highly recommend browsing her display at the beehive.


I’ve decided for the #WCW posts to ask each woman the same three questions. I think it’s fun and a way to get to know the artist a little better outside of her craft.

What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is absolutely reading in bed with a snack. There’s something that feels really luxurious about it, I get to be all snuggled in and zone out for a little bit with a delicious treat! I also believe I owe a lot of my imagination and creations to reading, I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember.

What motivated you to start your business?

I’ve been running my business as sort of a second job for years now. When I think of the big motivation, I think of when I made the decision to dive in and do it full time. It was terrifying, but I feel stronger and more confidant in it than I ever have! I had reached the point where it felt like “now or never”. I knew that as long as I only devoted half of my time, I would only have half of the success. It is so hard, but at the end of the day I get out of it what I put in it.

If you could visit any place (real or make believe), where would it be and why?

I have always daydreamed of visiting the giant candy room from Willy Wonka! I would love to eat and drink one of those buttercups, such a small thing but it’s always stuck with me. I’m also a huge history fan, and I would love to just be an observer in Tudor England or at the height of Marie Antoinette. (Nerd alert!!!)

I gotta say, after reading Becca’s answers I giggled and thought “ah, a woman after my own heart!”

Wanna support Paper Bones? Shop online here or visit the beehive in Atlanta.

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