The last three months of the year (or in business terms, 4thquarter) is my favorite time of the year! I only have one complaint about it….the darkness!  I HATE it.  My partner has to listen to me gripe for weeks on end about how dark it is. I’ll be all like “I’m tired.  I need to go to bed. What time is it?” And it’s like 7 pm.  Y’all, I HATE it!  But  all the positive out weighs that one big negative.


Celebrating the classic last quarter holidays, college football, leaves changing, crisp air, seasonal treats. It’s all music to my ears!  Though I feel I need to clarify, I am NOT a pumpkin spice and everything nice type of gal.  I’m more of a fresh, REAL chex mix, let’s put out the decorations and drink cocktails while listening to holiday themed music type of gal.


Despite how incredibly non-traditional my family looks, we are actually very old school and quite sticklers about when it’s appropriate to decorate for each holiday.  Halloween decorations go up October 1st. Thanksgiving decorations November 1st. Christmas absolutely no sooner than the day after Thanksgiving. Courtney feels very strongly that Thanksgiving is treated like the red headed stepchild of the fall/winter holidays and it must be given proper respect!


So yesterday, October 1st, we put out all of the fabulous Halloween décor that we own. And my favorite time of the year has officially begun!!


‘til next time,


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