find your nicheThis has been on my mind A LOT lately. It’s a conversation that I’ve had more than once with a friend. This is pretty much how it goes:

The setting is an arts and craft festival.
Me: wow, what a great crowd we’re having!
Friend: if you aren’t selling here, you’re the problem.


Basically what my friend is saying is that if you’re a vendor at this well attended event and you aren’t having a very profitable show, then your stuff is crap. I’m here to tell you that I 100% disagree with that theory. Trust me when I tell you there’s a market out there for EVERYTHING.

granny's couch

Y’all know your granny had this couch

Here’s a prime example. When I was a child, I went to visit my Granny Hoggle. She was very excited to model this shirt she just bought. She made sure we knew that the lady she bought it from made it herself. Y’all know I love some handmade!!!! My granny comes walkin’ into the living room of her trailer wearing a pair of men’s briefs as a shirt! The woman she bought it from made a neck hole in the crouch and basically the underwear became a midriff shirt. So here my granny is walkin’ around with a pair of men’s drawers covering her top half unmentionables and exposing her granny belly to the world (or at least to those of us on her living room couch). It is a site that cannot be unseen.

men's briefsI imagine some bored woman was folding her husband’s whitey tighties and thought to herself, “ya know, Jolene, this would make a nice little summer shirt!”

Not only did she follow through with the idea, she put ‘em up for sale, and at least one person bought it! It does get hot and muggy in Alabama, y’all.

I’ll be the first to say that this lady did not have a large market. She needed just the right type of customer to buy her product. But at the end of the day, isn’t that pretty much true for all of us makers? I can participate in a well attended show and not sell a thing because it’s not my target audience. My neighbor could be in the same show and sell out-because it was her target audience.

tube socksIf you’re a maker and feeling discouraged or if you’re in another line of work and feeling like you’re missing the mark, I just want to encourage you to find your niche market. I truly believe we all have an audience. Some of us may appeal to a smaller crowd than others. And that’s ok, we just have to be more in tune with our target so that we can go to where they are.  When you find that niche, things will start to fall in place.


And if you ever decide to make tube tops out of men’s tube socks, I know a granny in Alabama that will be the first in line to make a purchase!

til next time,
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