I recently bought a small Osprey backpack and this post is about what a great company they are and why I will recommend them to everyone. But first, a little back story as to why I decided to buy one.
The Mrs and I decided recently to take up hiking. We have a collective goal to be able to hike to the Hike Inn with in the next year. I’m not sure if you’d call it a bed and breakfast or a hotel, but it’s a place in the North Georgia mountains that you can only access by a 5 mile hike. They offer lodging and serve two meals a day. It’s a goal I’m excited about!
Also, the Mrs is taking me to the Grand Canyon for my 40th birthday (in a week!!!!!).
Between those two things, I wanted a small backpack that also holds a hydration pack. And after some research I decided on the Osprey daylite plus.
So here’s the thing, it has a hip belt, which I have learned helps take the load off your shoulders. Now for a pack this small, I’m not sure how necessary the belt is. But I still wanted to be able to use it. Unfortunately, I’m too fat. I needed a few more inches for it to fit.

If it don’t fit, you mustn’t quit!

I sent an email to Osprey’s customer service honestly explaining the situation and asked if they sold hip belt extenders. I was prepared to buy one or buy the parts to make my own. The guy that wrote me back (Kyle) was very helpful and not the least bit shaming.  We even spoke on the phone; he offered great advice and was super nice. Thanks to his suggestions and help, I was able to confidently put in for a parts request online. The company handmade the extender just for me to match my pack as best they could and mailed it to me with in a week’s time for free. FREE. As a fat person, I’m used to having to pay extra for things (it’s the fat penalty). I couldn’t believe it. By not fat shaming me or charging me extra because of my weight, they won a fan for life. I will always recommend them now to anyone looking for packs.
Thank you Osprey!
’til next time,
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