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Peddling in a Pandemic

This post is mostly for those people that are considering doing arts and craft events this Winter/Spring, but are worried about the pandemic. I slept in my van for out of town shows. This is a crude shot of my van one night at an out of town show.  It’s really hard to...

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the little nest 2.0

First and foremost, thank you for the break.  And especially thank you to everyone that reached out during it.  I appreciate you all.So I’m just gonna get straight to the point in this post. Pre COVID I was already thinking about changing my business.  I enjoy making...

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Ridge & Valley Scenic Byway

Disclaimer:  We are travelled this drive during COVID-19.  However, we did not come into any contact with other people.  We packed a cooler with drinks and food and put a portable toilet in our van for bathroom breaks.There are 15 scenic byways in Georgia. Courtney...

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let’s go camping

That last post was depressing.  I promised the next one wouldn’t be.  So here is something a little more uplifting (at least to me) and it's all about camping safely during a pandemic. Courtney and I love to go camping and take day trips.  It’s a cheap past time that...

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light shining through the darkness

This has been hard, y’all. I’m sure most of you can relate. A lot of this is very personal and not information I’d normally share, but I’m always about being honest.  I’ve kinda been hit or miss on social media and this is why.I don’t particularly like the social...

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Silence is Deafening

I avoid posting things on my business social media that some in society would consider “controversial topics.”  I put that in quotation because I don’t believe that skin color or sexual/gender identity should be considered controversial.  We are who we are. But...

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Look for the helpers

For those that don’t know the story behind why we started making facemasks, the next few paragraphs explain how we got here. For those that do know our story, please feel free to skip to the paragraph after the embedded video. In March we were faced with a terrible...

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We’re Vloggers now?

We’re gonna give vlogging a try, y’all! The upside of trying to operate a business during a pandemic is that it has thrown us outside of our comfort zone and caused us to think outside the box. We miss getting to see customers face to face.  While, you’ll get to know...

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Join our Private FB Group, win free product

Did you know we have a private facebook group?  Each month we’ll host a giveaway!  The giveaway is open only to the members of the group. Follow the link below to join and be on the look out for our monthly post about the giveaway!

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