I always have mixed feelings when it comes to the month of June. On one hand, I’m grateful for the progress that has been made in our country. It feels good to see large and small businesses alike posting “Happy Pride” and rainbows.

It means that public opinion has shifted so much that they no longer need to fear any real repercussions for supporting my community.  And even more so, it probably benefits their bottom-line to do so.  THAT is huge!

On the other hand, the comment sections are always filled with hate speech.  And even though I say to myself “do not read those comments,” I inevitably read those comments. It’s hard to see so much hate aimed towards me for absolutely no reason from people that have never met me and most likely never will. At least have a legit reason to dislike me so much.

I also take real issue with non-gay owned businesses and makers using Pride month to line their pockets, even if they’re allies. It’s almost like it’s impossible to show support for us without also trying to make a buck off of a rainbow. Very few businesses do this well.  Post a rainbow.  Say Happy Pride.  Let everyone know that all are welcome in your shop.  Send a shout out to a gay owned business. But take the month off from profiting from our culture. And if you just can’t resist, at least donate the profits to a LGBTQ+ charity.

Please know that I do not speak for all the gays.  I don’t even speak for all the gays living in my home.  I speak for myself and this is one of my many soap boxes. People literally died for us to have the rights and freedoms we have today. I served under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  It was 2009 before a federal law existed that attacks based on sexual orientation or gender identity were considered hate crimes. My partner and I had been together 11 years before same sex marriage was legal on a national level.  My parents marched against that legalization. I LOVE all the people that support gays today, but I have lived most of my life not feeling that support and welcomeness.  Many people in my life are still anti-gay.  So I personally take offense to non-gays using pride for monetary reasons.

Please don’t stop buying the rainbows.  I want to see them everywhere.  But also, please consider who you’re buying them from. And if you want to buy something VERY GAY from this lesbian owned business, check out the items below. Click them, they’ll take you right to the purchase page.

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