Each year my partner, Courtney, has to earn a certain number of continuing education credits to maintain her license for work. In order to do so, she usually attends a conference in Savannah where I tag along. Typically during the day she has her conference and I stay at our campsite cutting fabric. In the evenings we enjoy the city together.

This year I did things a little different!

I really wanted to play with my new camera, so I did a lot of exploring. I took three different tours during the four day trip. I’m not an intellect or a history buff, but I do like learning about history. Any history – whether it’s about a person or city or country. I like to think about how a person/city/country’s past has influenced the present. I find that stuff fascinating. And Savannah is FULL of history. I won’t bore you with it here.  But if you’re interested here’s a link. I’m just going to share some photos and the tours I took.

There are many tours to choose from in Savannah, but all the ones I took were chosen for one reason: they were pet friendly. Because, as usual, I had my little sidekick Ande with me.

The first tour was a trolly tour of the city by Old Savannah Tours. The one I chose allowed us to get on and off at each stop or ride the entire trip. It was a great way to just take in all of downtown as well as learn some unique history about the city. It’s a beautiful city!

The place I most wanted to photograph was the Wormsloe Historic Site. They, too, are pet friendly and offer a free walking tour with admission.  Those live oak tress, y’all, are A.MAZ.ING! No photograph can do them justice.

The last tour I took was a ghost tour.  If this is your thing, Savannah is a GREAT city for it! Again, there is no shortage of tours. But I chose Blue Orb Tours. It was, of course dog friendly, but the company also has excellent reviews and is one of the top rated ghost tours in the country. Our guide was fabulous; he gave lots of history and had both photographic and sound evidence to back the stories he was sharing. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts and hauntings, the morbid history is worth taking the tour.

Thanks for reading all about my Savannah trip last month! I really think it is a city worth visiting.  I know I can’t wait to get back down there….maybe at Christmas time! I do love Christmas lights! But for now, I have plenty of sewing to do.

’til next time,


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