This pandemic has potential to devastate so many individuals and industries, businesses both large and small.

While my family literally lost 100% of our income in just a matter of days, my mind can’t help but think about my friends that have small businesses. Many of us don’t have well padded bank accounts or make an excessive amount of money. I worry for my friends with brick and mortar businesses. On top of their household bills, they have many business expenses: rent, payroll, insurance, etc.  It’s a stressful time for us all.

I’d like to dedicate a handful of blog posts to highlight some of my favorite small businesses.  And I’m starting with my absolute favorite: Wander North Georgia.  I’m not just giving lip service either; I’m wearing a Wander shirt as I type this.  In fairness, I pretty much wear a wander t-shirt everyday; I have one for each day of the week.

They’re located in the town of Clayton in North Georgia.  If you’ve never been to Clayton, I highly recommend it.  It’s our favorite place to go camping.  Anytime we want to take a short weekend getaway, we end up in Clayton.  When this pandemic is over and our lives get back to some form of normalcy, go check out the town, grab a pizza at Fortify Pi or a tiny donut at the farmhouse. But no matter what, step into Wander and check it out!

Why do I love wander so much?

It’s owned by the sweetest people. They care so much about their community and give back so much. One percent of their sales goes back into the community, helping non profits and charities.  They care about the earth and protecting nature.  And they practice what they preach.  On top of all of that they have great style, a wall full of bad ass ball caps, a book store, and a shop full of locally made items sprinkled through out. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, downstairs is Admiral Axe….you can literally throw an ax down a lane towards a bullseye.

Like all small businesses right now, Wander needs you.  To protect their employees and the public, they have temporarily closed their doors until we get passed this craziness.  Follow them on instagram and facebook.  Check out their website. And if you can, spend a little (or a lot of) money with them. They have a fabulous deal running right now where you can get $10-$50 in free gift cards.  Check it out here.

If you have the funds, support a small business today…any small business.  And on that note, I have to include my own shameless plug: I’ve updated my online shop.  All items are ready to ship and will go out with in 24 hours. And I’ll be adding new items on a regular basis. If you can’t afford to make purchases, support your favorite small businesses by sharing their posts, put them in your insta stories, tell friends about them.  It’s truly gonna take a village to get us through this. Thank you for reading all of this.

‘til next time,


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