Check out their website to learn the history of the barn paintings.

We went on a day trip to Rock City yesterday. We really went to see the Christmas light display last night.  But because it had been 20+ years since either of us had been, we decided to go in the daylight, too-so that we could relive some childhood memories.


7 states? I’m skeptical.

For those not familiar with Rock City, it’s a tourist attraction that is well known to anyone that grew up in Alabama, Georgia, or Tennessee.  I am not sure how far of a reach its popularity has, but surely no one could grow up in any of those three states without having heard of Rock City.  Essentially it is a rock garden that has a set paved or stone trail for you to walk through.  I’ve kinda always thought of it as an above ground cave. It’s best known attraction is Lover’s Leap which is high atop Look Out Mountain and gives you a view of 7 different states (so they say). There is also a waterfall at Lover’s Leap that was particularly beautiful on this trip because of the frozen water and icicles.

One of the things I loved most is that dogs are allowed to go through the trail.  Leashed dogs or cats are allowed anywhere except the restaurants. What a nice perk for those of us with fur babies! I wish we had known about this a few years ago. Abbie would have loved it! She can’t handle the car ride, let alone all the walking.  So she spent the night at her day care.  That had a dual purpose, though.  Since we know she won’t be with us much longer, it gave her a chance to spend time with the workers she loves there.

Funny story before getting to all the photos.  There is a section of the trail called “fat man’s squeeze.”  It is a really tight path between two very large rocks. I am not a small woman.  Technically I am really short, but I make up for that in girth.  I admittedly worried if I could squeeze my ass through the passage.  This, of course, had to be the most crowded section of the park.

Aside from fat fear, I have developed bit of claustrophobia over the years. I took about 5 steps in,panicked, then started shoving people out of my way as I backed out of the rock formation. Courtney insisted I push through and walked behind me so that I had no choice.  Y’all, it was tight and crowded, and I am pretty sure I held my breath the entire time.  I imagined getting wedged in there, ruining the trip for 1,000’s of people, and having to be air lifted out like a beached whale. When I walked the 800 miles (better known as 20 steps to the other tourists) to the wide opening, I felt weak in the knees, I had to wipe tears from eyes (sadly that is very true).  I think I may have had a mild panic attack over that damn fat man’s squeeze! But I did it.

The rest of this post is just photos I took during our trip.  Feel free to follow along with us on this expedition of rock wonder. I do not have a nice, fancy camera (hashtag 2018 goals).  These photos were snapped with my phone.  So the night time photos are not great. But they give you an idea. If you enjoy Christmas light displays, this one well exceeded my expectations. And if you show your military ID, you get a discount (though I don’t know how much it was; we saved $8, but I don’t feel like doing the math to figure it out).

Our Rock City Adventure

Road trip!!

aaaaaannnnnnddd half way there he fell asleep.

Courtney & Ande just inside the park.

Obligatory Family Photo

He cracked me up walking through this park

Ande and I on top of Lover’s Leap

They were both afraid of the swinging bridge. I was proud of them for going over it. They showed way less fear than I did at the fat man’s squeeze.

The waterfall at lover’s leap. It’s hard to tell, but much of the water at the bottom is frozen as well as along the rock.

A shot looking down the waterfall.

There’s a weird section about fairy tales. It makes sense when you know the history of the place. But it’s still odd. I LOVED it as a child and I think most kids get a kick out of it.

Me and Ande in the Rainbow Hall.

Ande got a wardrobe change between our day and night visit. Christmas PJ’s for Christmas lights.

Just inside the main entrance

Ande with Rocky, the Rock City mascot

Ande & Mrs. Paws (Santa Paws’ wife)

She said it was magical, but it’s likely she was referring to the hot coffee on the cold night.

I liked that I could still see some of the rock formations with the lights.

Clearly I have a fondness for these two.

My photo does this no justice. The lights were on a lake and had gorgeous reflections.

This is those 7 states they say I can see all lit up at night.

This was me tryin’ to be all artsy fartsy with an iPhone camera at night. hashtag fail.

Lover’s Leap at night

I like that they incorporated the gnome theme into the lights display.

These were really nice. The lights actually danced with the Christmas music that was playing.

This is the last of my photos. Thanks for seeing Rock City with us!

‘Til next year, (<—see what I did there?)


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