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We are all in unchartered waters right now.

Many industries will be impacted financially, but the one nearest and dearest to my heart is small business. Much of our income comes from selling at festivals and our most lucrative time is spring.  Every show we were scheduled to participate in has been cancelled in March and April and as of this writing 1/2 of May’s shows have been cancelled (though i fear they may all ultimately be). This includes Inman Park, which is by far our top show every year.  In the span of a few weeks our annual income just got cut in half (if not more). It is scary at best.  I am trying to stay positive that May shows will not get cancelled too. But it’s looking very bleak at the moment.

Choices were basically made for me, but brick and mortars are faced with tough decisions right now on how to proceed in these uncertain times.  Several have chosen to close temporarily, some are limiting hours, others are offering a combination of safer ways to shop that include everything from private shopping experiences to curb side pick up to local delivery so you don’t have to leave your home. I don’t envy them in the least.

We are all in this together and we’re all impacted to some degree. But the reality is that the bigger industries will be able to bounce back in ways that a small business cannot. Check out this blog post by Madison Mom.  She’s far more eloquent than I am and offers great suggestions on how to support local small businesses.

What to do when we’re past all of this

When the festivals start back up and businesses reopen their doors, if you are able to do so, please come out and support the local small businesses and the handmade community.  We need you more now than ever.

I’ve got product I have to get finished today and tomorrow for boutiques, but on Wednesday I will start updating our online shop with product that we have ready to ship. We’ll run sales and do what we can to entice you to buy our nonessential but adorable products.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

‘til next time,


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