As 2017 is quickly winding down and 2018 brings its fresh start and new opportunities, I can’t help but think about my gratitude list. While this year has had its share of heartache for me, it has also reminded  me that I have much to be thankful for.  I have strong, caring, insightful friends. I have a devoted and loving family. And I have a business & career that I am quite proud of!

For this post, I want to focus my gratitude on those people that support  handmade, small, or local businesses. The reality is that you could most definitely purchase your goods (coffee, baby clothes, jewelry, etc) from a big box store and save a lot of money. It is no secret that handmade or small businesses cost more; it simply costs us more to operate these businesses.

Where’d I put the keys to my yacht?

I love that so many people have an appreciation for artists and our unique way of doing things. While it is unlikely that I will ever get filthy rich sewing baby bibs, I do get to live a creative life.  And that my friends is priceless!  So I don’t see a yacht in my future, but maybe one day I’ll be able to buy a brand new car. That thought alone makes me happy and keeps me pushing harder in growing my little business!

I am definitely  thankful to those of you that have supported my business over the years, but in the grander scheme, I am grateful to the folks that support all kinds of small, independent, handmade, and local businesses. You are the ones that keep uniqueness alive in your communities and make dreams come true for artists like me. THANK YOU!

‘Til next time,


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