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First and foremost, thank you for the break.  And especially thank you to everyone that reached out during it.  I appreciate you all.

So I’m just gonna get straight to the point in this post. Pre COVID I was already thinking about changing my business.  I enjoy making baby items and I’m very proud of it, but I have known for some time now that it is not the business I will retire with.  Honestly, my dream is to write and illustrate children’s books when I’m older.  But for now, I need to be practical and consider a business that will bring in steady income.

One thing 2020 has taught me is that boutique baby clothes do not sell well during a pandemic. Shocking, I know! And truthfully, most small and handmade businesses are struggling.  So this is not unique to me and the little nest.  However, if I had to depend on the sales of my baby items to sustain me during this, I would have lost my house by May.

Facemasks are literally the thing that has kept a roof over my head these past 6 months. And now that those sales have died off, I’m back to square one with the little nest and wondering what my next steps are to create something that is “buyable” in this current climate.

Creating the little nest 2.0

Please bear with me over the next several months as I attempt to “find myself.”  I will be working on different things, in different mediums even, and I will record my journey on IG.  My instagram is gonna be all kinds of messed up. But sometimes life is just messy.

You’re gonna see earrings….go ahead take a moment to laugh at the butch dyke that doesn’t have pierced ears making earrings.  I totally see the humor in it.  It’s cool. You’re gonna see embroidery.  You’re gonna see greeting cards and buttons and ornaments.  It’s gonna be a whole lotta this and whole lotta that.  And hopefully in the end there will be an actual product line and a business that can sustain me even when times are tough and scary.

Thanks for reading through all of this.  And for those that will continue to support me as I reinvent myself and the little nest , AKA the little nest 2.0, THANK YOU!

Stay safe and well!


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