It’s probably pretty evident by now that I’m a TV junkie, but I also LOVE music.  I’m especially a fan of 80’s and disco.  Music is so incredibly powerful.  Music can transport us to another time.  It can remind us of someone from our past.  And it can even evoke emotions.  I can literally change my mood by my song choices.  It’s truly magical. 

 Music was a big part of my childhood

We had a huge stereo console when I was a child.  It had a radio, a record player, and an 8 track.  Momma would throw in a KC & the Sunshine Band 8 track, and we’d dance and dust the living room.  It’s a very fond memory I carry with me.  To this day, I can’t hear Boogie Shoes without picturing my mom circa 1986 dancing with a dust rag.

My favorite aunt passed away this summer.  Music was a big deal to her as well.  I have a lot of memories of sitting in un-airconditioned cars with her while Daddy did parts runs for whatever vehicle he was working on at the time.  We were always hot, sweaty, and sticky.  Windows rolled down, hoping for a breeze and singing the classic rock that she loved so much.  I can still see her sitting next to me, snapping her fingers and bopping her head.

Surely other people have strong connections to music, too. So I’ve been toying with the idea of making refrigerator magnets with popular song lyrics on them.  The problem is that if it were left up to me, there’d be a LOT of lyrics from 70’s & 80’s hits. Let’s hear it for the boy. At first I was afraid, I was petrified. I wanna dance with somebody. Get down tonight.

 Tell me your favorite song lyrics

So I’d like to have a weekly TRL, like old school MTV’s Total Request Live, except Total Request Lyrics.  Y’all tell me your favorite song lyrics and I’ll choose one to create a magnet. AND whoever’s lyric I choose, I will mail a free magnet to. 

‘Til next time,


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