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I started the little nest SEVERAL years ago.  It was a true leap of faith that came from a place of desperation.  I was miserable in a regular 9-5 job in an industry that didn’t really respect women to allow many opportunities for growth.  I had no money saved up.  AND I was living in an apartment above my in law’s garage.  I think on some level it felt like I’d already hit rock bottom, so why not add being jobless to the pile! 

Hell, I was starting a business that was strictly based on sewing, and I didn’t even know how to sew.

I think if I had been comfortable, if I had more to lose, maybe I would not have been so willing to take that leap of faith.  Maybe I would have thought, “you’re nuts. You can’t do this.  Don’t even say this dream out loud to anyone.”

I’m quite proud of the little nest.  I’m proud of myself.  But I wanna grow and  I can only sew so much in a day.  I can only charge so much for a bib or onesie.  I believe I’ve reached as high as I alone can and still be a true handmade business. To further the business as it stands today requires me to either lower my standards to create quicker, cheaper products and thus increase my income or outsource production.  Neither of those options sound appealing to me. 

Having lived through a global pandemic and losing most of our income because of it has given me time and motivation to rethink the business. I’ve been finding myself in that desperation place again where it feels like I don’t have much to lose. Granted I’m no longer living in the apartment above a garage, but my business kinda feels like it’s on life support.  More than ever, I feel that now is the time to launch the little nest 2.0. 

I’d like to grow our business and have more time to spend with my beautiful family. So if you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve seen a shift on our social media.  I’ve removed all baby products from our website and we are currently not offering them at festivals either.  Rest assured they aren’t gone.  You can still buy them at boutiques.  There will be a better selection of items available at the boutiques that buy wholesale from us, but we will also do our best to keep a decent variety of items at the consignment boutiques too.  I’ve posted all their info below.  Please support them, they too are small, locally owned businesses.

The future of our baby line is currently unknown.  I’ve considered being optimistic with y’all and saying “it won’t go anywhere.”  But the truth is, I don’t know that for sure.  If our embroidery business takes off, it most likely will.  But what I can say is that it’s not going anywhere in 2021. And should we decide to completely stop making baby items, I will give a heads up warning to everyone with a real timeline of when that will be.

We both appreciate all your love, support, and patience with us as we grow and experiment with our little nest.

Local Businesses that carry the little nest baby line:

Local Exchange Marietta

130 S Park Square NE

Marietta, GA 30060


Garage Door Studio

128 Avondale Road

Avondale Estates, GA 30002


The Beehive

1250 Caroline St NE

Unit C120

Atlanta, GA 30307


K Squared

4475 Roswell Road

Unit 940

Marietta, GA 30062


Local Exchange

109 N Walton Street

Darien, GA 31305


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