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We’re gonna give vlogging a try, y’all! The upside of trying to operate a business during a pandemic is that it has thrown us outside of our comfort zone and caused us to think outside the box. We miss getting to see customers face to face.  While, you’ll get to know me better through my writing, there is still something about putting a face and voice and laugh to a name.  And right now our business has lost its smile and voice. So this is our attempt to reconnect with you.

Quick side note, I purposely put myself behind the camera every chance I get because I HATE seeing my body on screen.  It is my own personal shame. I think about people from my past that I don’t want to see me at the current weight I’m at.  I feel their shame and hear their laughter in my head. To type it and share it with y’all, I hear how stupid and petty it is.  But that does not change how I feel. So there ya have it.  There is my crazy on full display for y’all to see. Now back to the show.

You’ve probably heard me say this many times, but I take great pride in the fact that we’re a true handmade business.  It irritates me when a business claims to be handmade and gets to partake in the VERY FEW benefits that exist for handmade businesses when they really outsource most if not all of their products. I especially don’t like when I get rejected from a “handmade” event and know that half the artists that did get accepted aren’t really handmade.  Sorry, got on another soapbox. The point is, we literally make everything we sell.


Vlogging is the new TikTok. Obvi

~Modern Day Vlogger

So one of the things I have wanted to do for a while, but haven’t had the time to, is make videos showing our processes.   That’s the main goal of this vlog. But before jumping into that, it felt like we should have a real intro-put faces to our names-and let you see that we are truly just two people making a crappy video in our kitchen/living room combo. We don’t even have a fancy mic or anything.  Just two makers, a pup, an iPhone, and a kitchen island.

Hopefully soon we’ll have a video of what we were making all of the month of April. One guess what that was!

‘Til next time,


PS- that quote is total BS that I made up.  I don’t even think Modern Day Vlogger exists. 

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