If you’ve been watching my social media lately, it looks a lot different than usual.   This post is just a “this is what’s going on with the little nest” kind of update.

The little nest as you know it is not going anywhere in the near future.  I will continue to make baby items, but I am going to reduce the amount of designs I currently offer.  I can’t go into further details about that at the moment because honestly I haven’t decided what I’m cutting or keeping. Truthfully I should have done this a long time ago.  I offer way too many designs to maintain decent stock in any (at least for a business of my size).

So what’s with all the non baby stuff I’m creating and posting online?

As usual, I’m just gonna be 100% with y’all.  We quickly learned that during a global pandemic folks just aren’t that interested in buying boutique baby clothes.  I know, it was shocking to us, too! The reality is that the majority of businesses took a hit.  Some are now thriving again.  Some are gone forever. And many of us are trying to stay afloat.  That’s where we are.

I decided to take this time to learn something new.  I really enjoy embroidery. It is not going anywhere.  Should it be its own separate business? Yes.  But the reality is that I don’t want to invest in a new website, domain, etc.  Plus I LOVE the little nest as my business name.  So the chances are great that in the LONG run the little nest will transition into an embroidery business.

Also my  funds are depleted and baby does not sell well during the fall and winter. So I’m taking a chance and investing my time and pennies into the embroidery items in hopes that it will pay off during the holiday season.  And that in a nutshell is why you’re seeing so much of it online right now.

I could really use any support in this venture. Please share the ornaments with your friends and family, maybe they will be appealing to some of them.

Thanks so much to everyone that has supported us over the years, but especially this year.  We appreciate you all.  Stay safe and well.

‘til next time,


PS– I will be doing a few local outdoor markets during November and December.  Both venues require masks and social distancing.  I’ve listed them below:

Brookhaven Farmer’s Market 11/28/20 9AM-12PM

Sip & Shop 11/29/20 11AM-5PM

Brookhaven Farmer’s Market 12/5/20 9AM-12PM

Brookhaven Farmer’s Market 12/12/20 9AM-12PM


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